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When we feel overwhelmed by parenthood, it’s often connected to our busy lifestyles. The go-go-go mentality prioritizes productivity over rest, and accomplishment over connection. And we’re STRESSED OUT!

When the daily stress of parenting becomes chronic it can turn into parental burnout, an intense exhaustion that leads parents to feel detached from their children and unsure of their parenting abilities.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and come join us to connect with other moms, reconnect with your family and find the JOY in parenting again.

In this 4 part Massage for Infants and Toddlers class, parents and their children 3 months to 6 years old get to reconnect using massage techniques for bonding. These techniques promote stress relief for parents and the overall well-being of children.

Children respond best with repetition. They may not show interest in the massage techniques until the 2nd or 3rd class. But don’t worry! Once they get used to the routine, they will LOVE it and you will love how stress free parenting can be. This is why we have the initial 4 class commitment.

Parents will practice massage techniques to use on their children to help:

  • Infants sleep better
  • Toddlers avoid tantrums
  • Parents feel more confident
  • and MORE!

You will also understand:

  • How to use aromatherapy safely & effectively for young children
  • How massage helps you communicate better with your children
  • How to improve the social-emotional development children need to support their learning
  • and MORE!

Space is limited to allow for social distancing so REGISTER TODAY before we’re SOLD OUT.