What is Mom Coaching?

The Good Mom Coaching Program provides results based coaching and mentoring for busy moms. I will teach moms how to transform your mindset and relationships to reach your personal, family, and financial goals. My proven strategies will help you navigate motherhood to prevent overwhelm so that you can truly have your family, your life, your way!

Meet The Good Mom Coach (TM)

Anita Prendergast

What Is The 1 Spimplified Thing You Need To Be A Good Mom?

Hi. I am passionate about what I do.  As a licensed massage therapist and integrative relationship coach, I help you create an easy flow between family, health, and business using proven health and wellness practices. My practice focuses on providing services for women, children, and couples. I founded Village Academy for Families, LLC which provides education and resources personally designed and curated to create, maintain, and develop healthy relationships at home and in the community.

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Are you a smart, ambitious mom who does it all?
Whether you're a new or expecting mom, if this is your first child or fifth child, or if your bundle of joy came through surrogacy or adoption, having a mom coach is right for you!
Can your business use a mom coach? If you work with children and families, the answer is "YES!"

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